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Umbria is a beautiful region in the centre of Italy. Cities like Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Todi and Orvieto anybody will have heard of. We want to give you some insiders view of our daily life in this mainly rural part of Italy. If you ever travel to Umbria you may find some good suggestions here.

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Borghi più Belli: Spello

Borghi più Belli: Spello

Welcome to the picturesque town of Spello, where charm awaits at every corner. Let yourself be captivated by its narrow streets, adorned with vibrant flowers and inviting terraces. Keep your camera ready as you explore this enchanting Borgo, hailed as one of the most...

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Sightseeing in Umbria

Umbria is a beautiful Italian region with a lot to see, explore and do. It is the only landlocked region of Italy and also called the green heart of Italy. Its many medieval villages, authentic food and excellent wines are all good reasons for a relaxing holiday.

Attractions in Umbria

You’ve booked your holiday in Umbria? Here is an overview of places of interest.

Markets in Umbria

Love to visit a local market during your holiday? Here is a list of markets in Umbria.

Events and local festivals

Indulge in the local atmosphere of a music festival, a Sagra, or a village festival during your holiday in Umbria.

Children in Umbria

Are you looking for some activities to do together with your children? Here are some ideas for children in Umbria.

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