Jet set in Umbria

Luxury rental spoleto

Luxury rental spoleto

For years i have been renting out a lovely villa near Spoleto. It is part of a village bought by an enterprising man who restored it all bit by bit. He made a real paradise out of it.
Today he sent me an email with an article about a wedding wich took place in his village. Not that rare, there are a lot of people marying in Umbria. But this was al very V.I.P. even Kate Moss was there.
I’m not really into celebrities so most of the other names only vaguely ringed some bells.
The funny thing was that the owner wrote in his comments how delighted he always is with the fact that we sent normal guests. The group of party goers were already intoxicated before lunch time. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean up the place.
So we know from first hand how the jetset behaves.

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