5 best things to do in Umbria

5 best things to do in Umbria

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There’s a lot to see and do in Umbria. Every city or village has its own charm and beauty. The green region has a long cultural heritage and authentic local cuisine. Surely visitors will not be disappointed travelling in Umbria. Based on our own experiences, we have selected 5 best things to do in Umbria to make your stay even more unforgettable.

  1. Back to the middle ages in Bevagna
  2. A guided tour in the abbey La Scarzuola close to Montegiove
  3. Driving on a Vespa through the Umbrian and Tuscan hills
  4. A walk through the woods in Assisi
  5. Visit the largest man-made waterfall of Europe

Back to the middle ages in Bevagna

Every year the Mercato delle Gaite takes place by the end of June. This event is a revival of daily life in the Middle Ages. Locals are dressed in medieval clothes. You can admire typical workshops and markets. It all makes up for a very special atmosphere in Bevagna.

On weekends there are competitions between the four districts: Gaita San Giovanni, Gaita San Pietro, Gaita Santa Maria and Gaita San Giorgio. At the taverns and restaurants one can eat outside. Traditional Umbrian dishes of medieval origin are served.

For tourists, the medieval market is a truly special experience. Check out the program and times before you go.

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Medieval market in Bevagna

Mercato delle Gaite

A guided tour of the abbey La Scarzuola close to Montegiove

The modern history of the abbey La Scarzuola maybe is more interesting than its ancient history. The abbey and the church were founded by the counts of Marsciano. They honored Saint Francis of Assisi who stayed here.

In 1957 an architect from Milan Tomasso Buzzi, bought the abbey and its grounds. He created his own “surrealistic town” with temples, theatres, ponds and buildings. After his death in 1981, his heir Marco Solari continued the work following his designs.

La Scarzuola is opened in summer season only after reservation. The tours are in Italian and in English. La Scarzuola is fascinating, unique and well worth a visit.

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Surrealistic park from Tomaso Buzzi near Montegiove in Umbria

La Scarzuola

Driving on a Vespa through the Umbrian and Tuscan hills

Would you like to drive a Vespa like a real Italian? Even if you’re not an experienced scooter driver? Umbria in Vespa offers this possibility! Claudia has a professional scooter rental company. She speaks English and German fluently.

Before driving the Vespa Claudia explains all ins and outs on how to drive the Vespa. She gives you good introductions and gets you ready for an unforgettable day on the Vespa. Helmet, insurance and fuel are all-inclusive. 

You can drive the scooter all day or half a day. Scooter riding in Umbria is a really awesome experience. Claudia can give you some good advice on tours and the best places to visit with your Vespa. It is a fantastic way to explore the countryside.

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Vespa tours at Lake Trasimeno

Umbria in Vespa

A walk through the woods in Assisi

Assisi is on Unesco’s list of World Heritage. This city attracts many visitors every year. The Basilica of Saint Francis surely is the major site to visit in Assisi. But do not skip all other interesting sites in town, for instance, the Bosco di San Francesco.

Next to the Basilica of Saint Francis is the access to this woodland of Saint Francis. The famous woods are one of the most beautiful places in Assisi. Here you can walk in the footsteps of Saint Francis where he prayed and meditated. The trails are well-marked and maintained. The woods are accessible for adults as well as for children. You can have a pick nick here. Dogs need to be kept on leads.

The wonderful landscapes and the silence are an experience for all the senses to find inner peace with nature. An enchanted area where nature is something magical.

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Woodland of Saint Francis in Assisi

Bosco di San Francesco

Largest man made waterfall of Europe

The Cascata delle Marmore is located in Terni. The waterfall is a major attraction and interesting both for young and old. There are opening times for the park and the waterfall itself.

In the park, you can follow hiking tours at different levels, all marked and easy to follow. You’ll discover beautiful sites including the famous “Balcone degli innamorati”, the balcony of lovers.

The viewpoint “Specola” has amazing views over the valley and the waterfalls.

The entrances to the park are both on top of the mountain and at the bottom: Belvedere Superiore and Belvedere Inferiore. When visiting the water park, good walking shoes are recommended. You can get drinks and food inside.

The surroundings of the Cascata delle Marmore are beautiful and really worth a visit!

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Highest man-made waterfall in Europe

Cascate delle Marmore


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