Autumny in Umbria?

We have been blessed by the weathergods lately. Not to hot, some rain now and then but still weather to walk around in shirt and shorts.

I’m a ‘septembermember’. Warm enough to linger in the sun, cool enough to get some gardenwork done without having to jump in a cold shower every hour to avoid overheating. Yet you feel that change is uphand. Now and then the clouds come rolling in blocking the sunlight making the temperature drop almost instantly. You fumble through your drawer to find your light sweater thinking how during the hottest days of the summer you very much prayed for some cool winds and rain. Not anymore, on the cloudy days I’m about to wish for sunshine.

This morning while making this picture It crossed my mind that within weeks I might be hauling wood into the house to get the stufa going. Bye bye summer see you in 7 months.

September morning in Umbria

A morning in Umbria between summer and autumn

The changing weather makes this hilltown near my house look a lot more interesting. In summer it is just a fairly boring yellow green Umbrian hill with village on top.

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