Abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona

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In Italy, many abbeys and churches are built in breathtaking places and often are centuries old. On the website “i luoghi del silenzio” many of these abbeys have been collected. So is the abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona, near Umbertide. Here you immediately understand why it is called a place of silence. The area is well maintained in a green valley with cultivated fields all around.

The abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona The abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona

Abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona and its Eremo

The church is still in use and is open all day. The crypt is very special because of the Romanesque architecture. Every column is different. On a weekday I walked here all alone. The silence is overwhelming.

The crypt of the abbey San Salvatore di Montecorona

This abbey dates from the 11th century and had its heyday a century later when the upper church was also put into use. The church is located at the foothill of Monte Corona. At the top of this mountain is the Eremo di Montecorona. The center of the spiritual life at the time. To this day monks still live here in a closed community. 

You can walk from the church to the Eremo via the path “La Mattonata”. That is the old road built by the monks that connect the Eremo with the church.

Palazzo San Savino

In this wooded area, where hikers and cyclists get their money’s worth, the Palazzo San Savino is halfway up the mountain, not far from the La Mattonata hiking trail. This ancient house is believed to have been used by monks who helped build the Eremo. Here they found a place to sleep and eat. The small chapel still stands as a witness to this past. Nowadays you can spend your holiday here in peace and quiet, relaxing by the pool.

Fabio and Natalyia recently bought the Palazzo San Savino. Fabio was born and raised on his parent’s farm, near the church of Montecorona. His family has lived here for 300 years! Together with Natalyia, he breathed new life into the house that was completely run down. They now live here and rent out the house next to it.

Villa San Savino

Culinary tips from Fabio and Natalyia

Near the church in the valley is an Agriturismo where you can taste the local cuisine. You can eat delicious food here for good prices. Next to the church, you can also buy products from the Agriturismo: olive oil, wine, and more.

Natalyia enjoys going to the market in Umbertide on Wednesday mornings for fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish, porchetta, and more. On Saturdays, there is a smaller market where only typical local products are sold, such as ceramics and paintings by local artists. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Market in Umbertide

Fancy a nice Italian lunch after strolling over the market? Try the Ristorante San Giorgio in the square, Via Mancini 2. Recommended by Fabio.

If you like tasty Italian ice cream, try the homemade ice cream from Gelateria Delizia in Via Antonio Gramsci 18

And at the Enoteca Migliorati you can buy your favorite wine. The shop is in Via Colombo 1. The restaurant is in Via Garibaldi 58. 


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