Artisanal beer in Umbria.

Sagrantino, Montefalco, Sangiovese, all words that connect Umbria to a famous drink referred by many. But it is not only wine they make in Umbria you can find some tasty beer as well.

Last Friday Villla Taticchi had organized a cheese and beer tasting evening. The cheese came from small French and Italian producers, the beer was made by a small Umbrian brewery called Bacherotti. How many brewers carry such a pretty name?

The cheese was fine and the beers very special. It was all made with the finest ingredients. One even had truffle in it and another beer was made with liquirice. We had that with a piece of apple cake. Very good! We preferred these last beers with truffle and liquorice, they were very elegant and fruity brews although both rather dark.

You are wellcome to contact the owner. I’m sure he’ll welcome any beer enthusiast since he talked with great pride and gusto about his metier. Have a look at his website, here is the page where you can find his beers.

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