Borghi più belli: Montefalco in Umbria

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Borghi più belli: Montefalco in Umbria

Montefalco, like a watchful falcon, towers high above the Umbrian hills. In the core of the province of Perugia, this picturesque village awaits your visit. Are you a wine connoisseur, do you have a historical heart or do you like the charm of picturesque places? Then quickly put bello Montefalco on your bucket list.

Borghi più belli: Montefalco in Umbria

360° to enjoy

Small but so beautiful, the medieval center of Montefalco is a gem. You stroll along the main street, the Corso Goffredo Mameli, and dive into an alley here and there to discover the local shops. The Corso leads to the beautiful round square, the Piazza del Comune, where, turning 360° to choose a terrace, you can enjoy delicious wine for hours while the daily village life passes by.

Montefalco is a true wine village. Vineyards as far as the eye can see: welcome to the habitat of the Sagrantino di Montefalco, DOCG certified. So be sure to make time for a wine tasting, the local drink of the gods is a flavor bomb, full of fragrant ripe fruit.

Sagrantino di Montefalco vines in autumn, Fonte Sala

Pinch of culture

The village breathes history. Take a look at the Chiesa di San Francesco, which houses a beautiful city museum with unique local treasures. The world-famous, beautiful frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, a pupil of Fra Angelico, depict the life of Francis of Assisi. In the vaults under the church is the former wine cellar of the monks, you can admire some artifacts from Roman times and a small art collection. Worth the effort!

You get a special experience when you visit the nearby Sant’Agostino church. you suddenly come face to face with the half-upright corpse of a medieval pilgrim.

The unfortunate man is said to have come to Montefalco for religious reasons and spent the night in the church. ll beato pellegrino (the happy pilgrim) breathed his last there and was canonized by the inhabitants of Montefalco.

Museum Chiesa di San Francesco in Montefalco

The balcony of Umbria

Montefalco (Mount Falcon) has not stolen its name. High on the hill, you have a phenomenal view from just outside the walled village. Enjoy the panorama over the valley and try to spot the cities. From here you can, with a bit of luck, see Assisi, Trevi, Foligno, and Spello. A natural painting with the imposing Monte Subasio in the background.

Montefalco, the balcony of Umbria

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