Canadair fire-fighting airplanes busy in Umbria

The drought continues here in Umbria and the logical consequence is … forest-fires all over the place.

Unfortunately, the fires are often man made!

Every day you see and hear the Canadair planes coming over. They fly to Lake Trasimeno, empty on their way there and full with fresh water on the way back to the fire.

The other day we were at the lake and could see the planes fill up. Spectacular to see, however sad the cause.

2 responses to “Canadair fire-fighting airplanes busy in Umbria”

  1. janinevasta says:

    Spectacular photos. I hope the rain comes soon!

  2. Aernout says:

    And they apparently don’t fly at night…. This night there was a forest fire near Tuoro, some 500 meters from our house. Terrifying high flames, lots of smoke, and firefighters all over the place. Fortunately the could stop the fire at around six. But a plane or helicopter with water would have made it al lot easier.

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