Castiglione del Lago at Lake Trasimeno

Jan 22, 2014 | Things to do in Umbria | 6 comments

Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago, at the lake Trasimeno has been nominated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! It is indeed a cute little village, quite lively in the summer season.

Its position at the shores of the lake gives it a pleasant athmosfere. One can visit the medieaval castel, Palazzo della Corgna, with beautiful views over the lake.


There are many festivals in Umbria and one of the smaller festivals I particularly like. Every year in April one can enjoy the kite festival “Coloriamo i cieli”. If a good wind blows, the sky is full of colours, kites, balloons. An event that attracts lots of families with children.

Trasimeno Lake

Lake Trasimeno also is a good destination if one appreciates genuine and local food. Typically one produces olive oil, wines, honey, cheese of sheep’s milk and there is the fagiolina del Trasimeno, a small bean variety.

Castiglione del Lago

Let’s not forget the fish from the lake which can be eaten best on the island Isola Maggiore (that’s my personal opinion).

Buon appetito!


  1. sunshineandoliveadventures

    I love going there, especially when it’s hot to have a good lunch and to sunbathe. I am glad it has been nominated. It is very beautiful there!

    • villainumbria

      It is beautiful indeed here. Thank you for your comment. We hope to see you one day in Castiglione del Lago!

  2. Eliza Waters

    There is a couple living near me that have a farm in Trasimeno where they make olive oil and import here in the US. I wonder if you know them, Mike Sola and Amy-Louise Pfieffer (and daughter Marta)? Wouldn’t that be a small world if you did!

    • Villa in Umbria

      Thank you for your comment Eliza. Unfortunately we have never heard of the family Mike Sola, Amy-Louise and Marta. Hopefully we’ll meet them soon, so we can taste their delicious olive oil!

  3. janinevasta

    I love the small villages and their festivals and sagre… Umbria seems to have so many. You’re so lucky to be there all year round….

    • villainumbria

      We are lucky indeed! Thank you. We hope to see you one day in Umbria. Cheers!


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