Last week the famous  Stella Ristorante Vineria organized a chicken event. From the university of Perugia they had a professor come in who knows everything about chickens. I relish these events because though I know about food there are always new things to learn.

We passed by a few of the not so delicious facts about chickens like their housing and that most only live for 30 to 35 days (ever eaten anything that young from your garden?) and that basically they are bred not to move since moving costs energy which means they need more food which means the chicken will become more expensive. So the modern chicken does not move even when it has the space to do so. Apart from that, people want chicken breast (and lots of it) so you want chickens with huge breast. Therefore the chickens are very out of balance and can hardly walk.

Speaking of balance … research shows that the nutritional value of these modern fast growing chickens with big breasts is not excellent. They don’t eat anything tasty, they get loaded up on corn (and antibiotics). Apparently the meat contains far less healthy things for us than slow growing chicken.

To cut a long story short … basically the list of problems with modern chickens is endless, very depressing.

The food at Stella however was very good, savory chicken soup, great stewed chicken and my favorite roasted chicken (above wood fire). Now I only must get some (slow growing) chickens someday, if only for the delicious eggs!

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