Difficult choice.

Best drinks in the world?

According to noi, the worlds two best beverages are water and wine.
In our cozy little hilltop cottage we have a ‘waterhole’ setup that sometimes poses a problem of choice…

On the left it is our ceramic water filter that cleans the rainwater of any impurities. A must have, since our rainwater is stored in big tanks, cisterna, that also happen to be the favorite hiding place for all kinds of more or less micro creatures (carrying undoubtedly very long latin names) which will do nothing to improve your health when ingested.

On the right side you see a 5 liter bag in box from our local natural umbrian winemaking talent Marco Merli. Yes he also sells 10 litres BIB’s if that is more to your taste. You can also bring empty bottles for him to fill.

Whenever thirst hits upon one of us in this household, and the bottle is found empty, despite long and tedious ‘anyone who empties the bottle has to refill it’ schedules, the place to go is the ‘waterhole’. In the old days they didn’t have ceramic water filters nicely cleaning the water. So I think I know what our forebearers would have chosen…!

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