Dining with hunters.

Some years ago on invitation I dined with a group of wild boar hunters in their cabin. It became an evening I shall not easily forget. Maybe I will write this experience down one fine day!

On the last day of the year 2009 I encountered some hunters during my usual run around the hills. Having asked them whether this was the last time of the year they answered it was not. January 17th would be end of season. While mentally pitying the cinghiale (wild bore in Italian) who now definitely will be brought closer to annihilation I thought it best to remain positive and said ‘Great, that will leave you some time to bring me a piece of cinghiale!’ A bit saucy I know but at least two days a week their 4×4’s are strewn all over the place and peacefull Sundays only exist in the realm of imagination.

To my surprise yesterday a hunter came knocking on my door. With a small plastic bag filled with wild boar meat! And would it suit me to join their ‘feast of feasts’ to mark the end of the hunting season? Well why not! We might have some handcupping and fingerlicking to do, I’ll file my report after the 16th.

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