Dinner and lunch at a very special place in Umbria.

Last sunday my colleague, me and some friends and family went to have lunch at a cheesefarm for which we have been renting out apartments for years. Great place, great people and great food!
We started with antipasti most of it their own products: salad, capocollo, guanciale and the very good ricotta. Plenty of homemade bread too! After that pasta with zucchini and basil and stupendous spaghetti con tartufo, no silly garlic or anchovies here, pasta, truffle, salt and olive oil, nothing more. A thing you can only pull off when you have very high quality ingredients.
After that … wild boar stewed with nutmeg, tomato, rosemary and what have you. Excellent. To finish fresh, they made an excellent fruit sorbet, 100 points!
The farm normally is not open for dinners from outside but by appointment you might be able to join in. Prices are very modest for the quality offered. This place is special and comes highly recommended to those who want . Call Marjatta and Pasquale at least a day ahead +39075 9029409. You’ll find it near Valfabbrica, it has splendid views over the hills. And if you fancy sleeping there have a look here. You’ll be able to enjoy their food every day, they make good biological olive oil as well.

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  1. Last year we were on holiday at Marjatta and Pasquale. Nice people … Superb food !

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