Do good by visiting the 1000 year old Montelabate abbey

The coming months we’ll be visiting the more than 1000 year old Montelabate abbey with our clients. Now and then we get requests from people who have not booked a holiday home or apartment through us (Villa in Umbria) if it is possible to join a visiting group. We have no objections to this so if you want to pay a visit to this very special place, which normally isn’t open to the public, just drop us a line.

Making a reservation is mandatory because the people at the abbey need to know how many will be coming.  Costs are 12€ pp. (children half price) including a small tasting of cheese, wine and woodfired bruschettas with the abbazias’ own great olive oil. The excellent quality olive oil is on sale afterwards. All proceedings go to the abbey (we organise this as a service to our guests and do not make a penny on it). The abbey is owned by a foundation that is raising funds for one of Italy’s biggest children’s hospitals, not only curing children but also doing research. So besides visiting a special place and getting a great tour you would also be supporting a good cause!

More information can be found on the website of Montelabate.

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