Eurochocolate and alternatives…..

Autumn means autumny colors and that to me is brown and chocolate is brown so…….. yes you guessed it. It is that time of the year again. Perugia will for the 17th time be hosting the annual eurochocolate festival from the 15th till the 24th of October. To be honest to me it is just a big marketing gimmick but if you enjoy crowdy Italian events like the Italians do make sure you visit Perugia.

For people who prefer quality above quantity the Altrocioccolato festival might hit the sweetspot. Again you will have guessed it is the alternative to Eurochocolate, less commercial, specialized small chocolate producers from all over the world, mostly Fair Trade. It is held in lovely Città di Castello. Interesting is that a lot of restaurants have derived some special chocolate dishes for this event. So if you fancy your pigeon, crostini or tortelloni with chocolate have a look here for more information. Oh and if you are in the region and just want to mess about with brown gooey cacao, why not head to the Perugina cooking school?

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