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This year was the 25th edition of Eurochocolate in Perugia, its silver anniversary. Eurochocolate is a free food event and is one of the most important chocolate events of Italy!

The main attraction of this year was on the centre stage of the Piazza IV Novembre: a huge box of different kinds of chocolates that is 4 meters high. The box of chocolates contains 25 assorted treats of real chocolate. This work is to remind us that Eurochocolate is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!

Chocolate stands at Eurochocolate fill the historical squares and streets of Perugia attracting many visitors each year. At every corner of the street the market vendors offer different kinds of chocolate. Delicious, but be aware not to get sick of all the chocolate!

At Eurochocolate the quality of the chocolate is outstanding. The market vendors try to sell their best chocolate to tourists and locals. Of course Italian chocolate is well presented, and the famous Baci from Perugina chocolate are prominently present. Also vendors from abroad sell their best chocolate here, like the Lindt chocolate from Switzerland.

Some practical advise

Eurochocolate always takes place in the last week of October in Perugia.

Umbria is an ideal holiday destination in Autumn. Perugia, but also Spello and Assisi are not crowded with tourists. It is easier to find a parking place and when you decide to take the mini-metrò to Perugia, it is not necessary to wait.

When you are in the area and decide to visit Eurochocolate, we strongly recommend to plan your day trip during the week. There will be less activities and shows, but it will be easier to walk around and taste the delicious chocolate the market vendors offer. On Saturday and Sunday it is usually packed with visitors.

In 2015 we already wrote a blog about the chocolate festival Eurochocolate. Every year this chocolate event has some surprises and is fun to visit for young and old!


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