Floods in Umbria

So we needed rain … and we got it.

The valley below my house is flooded, the Tiber has grown into a huge river. There are many landslides and it is still raining.

Below a picture I took from orvietonews.it, from Orvieto Scalo where the situation is a lot worse still.

10 responses to “Floods in Umbria”

  1. My wife and I spent 6 days at Villa L’Uccellaia in Agello last July. I hope everything is OK there.

  2. Catherine says:

    Glad you are on a hill! We had some messy flooding in Veneto too – I just worry about my piano downstairs! Ciao cat

    • Bob Englehart says:

      Did you have to evacuate? Are you Italian or from another country? I’m the editorial cartoonist for the Hartford Courant in Hartford, Connecticut. See my blog at: http://www.courant.com/boblog

      • Hi Bob, nice cartoons! You write in one of them that you would not move to Italy … wondering why? Ciao, Willemijn

        • Bob Englehart says:

          My entire family lives in the United States. My children and grandchildren live in Connecticut. One granddaughter goes to college in Massachusetts. My wife’s family lives in New York, Ohio, Kansas and Virginia. My stepson lives in Colorado, my father (90) lives in Indiana, my brother and his family live in Illinois. If they all moved to Italy, I’d move too. My wife and I loved Italy. I’ve called it a life-changing visit. So, are you Italian, or what?

      • Ciao Bob, I am Dutch!

        • Bob Englehart says:

          Are you male? Female? Old? Young? Middle aged? Kids? No kids? Why did you move to Italy? We met people from all over the world last July. We rode on the train with an Italian businessman, a family from Libya, a couple from Australia and a young boy from Taiwan. Almost all of our waiters were from Eastern bloc countries. Italy truly is a melting pot like the USA.

  3. Hi Bob, ended up in Umbria because my father went to live here. Whwn I was in between work and countries, it was very easy for me to look for something to do here. I am female and have been living here since 2001.
    Italy might be a melting pot, it depends a lot on where you are I guess.

    • Bob Englehart says:

      What do you do for work in Umbria? We’re getting ready for Christmas in America. Is Christmas a big deal in Italia? It must be with all the Catholics. I’m a protestant and go to one of the oldest churches in America, but I’m not a traditional believer. I commend you for knowing how to speak English. I don’t know how to speak Dutch, Italian, or any language other than English. Ciao! (one of the few Italian words I know!)

  4. Ciao is a good start!
    I am renting out holiday homes in Umbria, as an intermediary between owners of villas and holiday apartments and tourists.
    Christmas is important in Italy, you guessed right!
    Have a great weekend!

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