Fresh new restaurant in Perugia serving local specialities.

Don’t ask how but last week we ended up in a very nice osteria in the via dei Priori in Perugia. The name of the place is, drumroll…….. Osteria dei Priori. They try to only serve local Umbrian produce. It is a bit trendy tables and chairs are made from very light wood and have blue cushions on them, very nice. In the back you’ll hear some nice Jazz playing. Overall atmosphere is very pleasant. The menu is compact but good and every they day they have a special. Wine can be had by the glass, they always have a small selection of Umbrian wines opened from which you can choose. And if that won’t do get a bottle from there selection of Umbrian wines, we even spotted Bea, Merli and Collecapretta always a good sign. We ate tremendously good Porchetta, nice roasted vegetables a very tasty pasta, a collection of bruschette and extremely toothsome goat cheese. If you want you can also pop in for a glass and a small bite or just pick something from their collection of rural products, beans, lentils oil and wines to take it home with you. They have Umbrian beer as well and yes it is has been cooled!
Prices are modest, they do a business lunch for 9€ including a glass of wine and water…..
So when in Perugia try Osteria dei Priori.

Via dei Priori, 39 Perugia
Tel. +393463048022

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