Funny restaurant Perugia

Last week i had dinner with my brother who had come to visit me. We wanted to go to a restaurant where we hadn’t been before. We opted for Fontanella di Porta Sole (via delle Prome 2, just behind the duomo, take the rather steep alley up) a stones throw of the vivacious center of Perugia.
A cozy covered terrace, quiet with the odd Vespa buzzing by. Interesting menu with a lot of local dishes, mbrecciata (for the name alone..), crema di fave, ceci! Underwhelmingly simple and lovely.
The owner was charming and funny. He managed the kitchen took care of the service and meanwhile dined with a friend of his.
We asked for local bean dishes and he immediately offered a taste of his pasta e fagioli. We asked for wine and he poured us some from his bottle to taste. This all with civility, humour and a big smile.
Nice dinner, simple comforting food and the bill for the four of us was less than 100 euro. An address to jot down if you are to visit Umbria.

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