Garden in action.

Somehow the pictures of this post are already a bit old (two weeks or so) …

This is the time of the year that a lot of plants gear up to produce there leafs and fruits. In our green house (polytunnel) we planted out two courgettes, a striato(striped) type and a rugosa friulana which produces heavy blistered yellow and firm fruits. Fantastic for sauteing. Next up we have our romanesco cabbage which we got it from a passing Martian in exchange for some lentils. Fantastic cabbage and good taste as well. Why not pickle it and eat with some good umbrian salami? Well indeed why not! Next we have our rhubarb which unfortunately is not a big grower in hot Umbria. A transplant to some shade might do it good. Same goes for our maggieplant (lovage). We’ll keep you posted

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