Guided tour of Spello

Saturday the ‘Guide in Umbria’ had organized a guided tour of Spello. It was, as usual, really interesting and beautiful.

We started at the foot of the village and slowly walked up to the top from where we had a lovely view on Assisi in the sunset. The top part of Spello still has cobbled small streets and alleys, therefore not a lot of traffic. Although the moment the guide had said she loves the top part of Spello better because of its quiet authenticity, immediately 4 smelly and impatient  cars passed …

From the parking area on top you can also see the old amfitheater. Not much of it is left, but if you know it is there, you will find it.

We visited two churches. The first one, Santa Maria Maggiore has an absolutely unforgettable chapel with Pinturicchio frescoes. Fantastic detail, color and story telling. To see this chapel (Capella Baglioni) you pay 2 euro, but it really is worth it. In the same church there are also to ‘Il Perugino’s’, made by an older Perugino. Compared to the works Il Perugino is known for, these are really not very good. However, it is an interesting thought he still painted when he was older, just could no longer master color and detail as well.

The second church we visited, Sant’Andrea, had a beautiful crocifissione (Jesus on the cross). Very realistic and almost a bit scary. Below a picture. There is a Pinturicchio here as well, but he did not manage to paint it himself totally.

Spello is always a joy to visit. The abundance of flowers have a major impact in spring and summer, but even in mid winter it was lovely. There is a flower competition every year. The alley with the best flowers wins. Therefore you can imagine the colors and variety of flowering pots outside of every house!

Jesus on the cross in Spello

View on Assisi from Spello

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