Half marathon Invernalissima in Umbria

This was the second time I participated in the half marathon Invernalissima. Two years ago I participated and last weekend again. Inverno means winter, hence the name for this race.
Invernalissima is a half marathon which always takes place in Umbria before Christmas. It was cold during the race without any sunshine and lots of mist. There were about 1700 participants. The start was in Bastia Umbra, not far from Assisi.
InvernalissimaUmbriaRun5 InvernalissimaUmbriaRun4
I didn’t train very much the last few weeks, which means a new PR wasn’t realistic for me. But for the first time I decided to run with my music on, which I found quite pleasant and giving me more energy.
The route goes through Santa Maria degli Angeli and Assisi, back to Bastia Umbra, 21,097 km. I ran 4:26/km, which is not bad at all. My finishing time is 1:34,28. I was 5th of my category, 19th of the women and 493 of the total participants. As always I came home with some bottles of wine and pasta.
This is the route we ran Garmin Connect
Typical for a race like this (half) marathon in Italy are the many stands where you can taste and buy local products, like olive oil, wine, cold cuts and cheeses.
Invernalissima is a nice run, through the countryside, along walking trails and also over normal streets that are closed for the occasion, for the “santa” runners 🙂
-Post by Sylvia van der Male-

4 responses to “Half marathon Invernalissima in Umbria”

  1. Well done! As for me it´s along time since I did any running.I ran Gothenbourg halfmara a couple of times.
    We are now booked in Citta dellà Pieve in may. We will probably make day tours on bus. I am not very fond of driving a car if I can avoid it.
    God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År!
    Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo 2016!

  2. janinevasta says:

    Fantastic!! You certainly earned your Christmas treats this year! Brava!

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