Harvest report 2011

So what does two days of removing tiny fruits from olive trees get you? Wel apart from some sore muscles and loads of small wounds from the aggressive trees (‘ignorante’ they say here in the local dialect), it gets you 517 kg of olives. Since we figured we might have some transportation issues and we wanted to be efficient, we didn’t pick till the last olive. There is a point at which you have to decide to get sensible about picking olives. For instance some trees only have few olives, you can bend and stretch yourself in all directions to get them off the trees but time and money wise you are better of leaving them on the trees unless you want your olive oil ending up costing 30€ a liter. Other olive trees or branches have such weird positioning that you need stuntmen to get the olives. Rather challenging!

So after filling all the crates we have and cramming them into two cars off we went. Our trusty Panda took aboard 8 crates and two people. Our neighbors car took 14. All in all 22 crates, 517kg which got us 80 liters of quite good olive oil.

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  1. Margaretha Keiser says:

    Aardige foto op het net der netten op je vorige blog. Voor mij tenminste.

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