Homemade Pranzo

Just as we started driving full throttle up the hill we was halted by one of our neighbours. They are always interested in what we are up to and they must have spotted the big branches filling the car. “Hazelnut and fig trees someone donated us”, we explained. Great, you must plant them quick! However, she then went on about the sausages and salamis we made together, the salami was exquisite and the coppa, ah the coppa… ‘Come in, have a taste’!

Half an hour later we continued up the hill with a large piece of salami on the dashboard.¬† This is very good stuff!!! Even more a compliment, because we are not particularly big on meat (vegetables is where colour and taste is to be found). Now it happened that we just made (or shall I say ‘created’) some new bread – we are still¬† in the experimental stages as you can see – with the excellent flours of www.mulinomarino.it and got some wine from a local winemaker who had tried his hand on Rose. Some salad from the garden ( I ate most of it while washing it…….) and pranzo e’ pronto!

We remembered just in time to make a picture …

My favorite lunches, homemade and regional stuff you can’t buy for any money.

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