How to catch a dog

Since a few weeks a piece of paper is nailed to a tree, promising 100 euro for the person who manages to catch the dog of the writer of the notice. The dog has been living in this area for some time now. I have seen it only once, but I hear the bell on its collar very often.

Now you might be wondering whether I am asking for advice how to catch the dog so I can go cash 100 euro? … but no, that is not my style!

I saw this cage some time last week. A trap for the dog. First it had just some normal dog food inside, but apparently this is not working. Today I passed the cage again and saw sausages. My dogs were sniffing and looking, but they did not venture inside the cage. Therefore, I seriously doubt the bewildered dog will be caught this way. A trap it is and clearly distinguishable so, even in the eyes of my enthusiastically drooling dogs.

Now as for the question why the dog will not happily greet its owner … I get shrugs all around. Nobody here seems to wonder about it. One lady told me that the dog owner can’t be at fault because he is trying so very hard to get hold of the dog. I do not happen to know the man, but something is definitely odd here. I really can not imagine that the dog and its owner are ‘best friends’.

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