Hunting for boots

Though the weather is heating up a bit we still have the occasional downpour of rain turning the ground into a slimy goo. Our soil contains quite some clay. To navigate this landscape I normally wear boots but the ones I have are so worn out is time for new ones. A hunter friend told me about a shop where they sell a famous french brand which I have always wanted to try out, note to self, close eyes when paying.

The parking lot of the shop was filled with 4×4’s and the shop itself was housed in what seemed like a bunker in a remote place somewhere just outside Perugia. They had painted the bunker pinkish to give it a fresh clean look. All windows were covered in three layers of steel bars and the door was of the type you expect to find in Fort Knox. To enter one presses a bell et voila the door opens. Inside was what must be every hunters wet dream. Rows of boots, clothing and hunting gear produced by famous and renowned brands. A little passway gave access to a room filled to the gills with guns and ammo. I was amazed by the number of people in the shop since hunting seasons in Umbria has been closed for months!

Oh yes the boots, they didn’t have them in the right size so no muddy boots for me for the moment but I was surprised by the ‘attractive prices’. I will return.

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