I primi d’Italia

We had some friends over so what better to do than head to lovely Foligno to visit the Primi d’Italia. A long weekend of tasting a wide offering of primi. Primi can be pasta, soups, bruschetta’s etc. Basically anything that can serve as a first course. Prices vary but start at 2,50€. Apart from food being served in great locations (think old buildings you are never going to get in normally) there are all sorts of demonstrations and great markets. The one I always like best is the pasta market with an amazing amount of very high quality pasta makers selling their products. I managed to keep the amount down to only 4kgs of 4 different producers. This being Italy the pasta comes packed in realy fantastic paper bags which once empty can be stuck up the wal as art. Another fun thing is that a lot of shops make special ‘primi displays’ how about this pasta dress for instance?

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