I’ll kill you…..!

‘T’ammazzo!’ she yelled at the smiling small boy sitting next to her wielding a large knife.
What lovely peope they are I thought to myself.

I sat at the head of a long table filled with family, not mine but a family whose house I rent out. Having been able to hold off their invitation for a long time I couldn’t turn their offer to make me lunch down another time.
Nonna was cooking and the great food was served by two other ladies. Lots of yelling, threats, laughing, crying, a casino! Lamenting about work, politics and the economy, great stories, all in dialect and most to be taken with quite some salt.

Everyone besides nonna and one uncle were stoutly built. No surprise, seen the quantities of food that were devoured. In no time plates were emptied and nonna kept on filling plate after plate.

Fantastic lunch but I don’t think I would survive something like this ever day.

Note by the way the plastic cups and plates on the table, whoever invented that…. many Italian families eat from plastic plates, saves a lot of washing up … but the environment? (apart from the pleasure to eat from plastic …).

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