Irritating sales talk

This morning my colleague and I went to visit a new ‘house’ on the border with Le Marche.

House is not the right term for this. It is a medium sized hotel with wellness centre. It is surrounded by a big property where many different animals were bred, all organically. There was also a country house with many apartments and we came to have a look at this.

Two young men took us on a tour of the property … almost two hours. All very well maintained and beautifully done. Too bad one of the young men was incredibly irritating and rather daft. He loved hearing his own voice and was talking a lot without ever saying anything that really meant something. A whole lot of empty sales talk. Maybe a non-Italian tour operator would have been impressed with this (difficult to imagine …), but we have both been living in Umbria for over 10 years (time flies!).

One small example, just so you get the idea … he was proudly pointing to a fig tree growing in a field, saying guests could snack on figs while hiking the area. He was also very proud of the brambles saying how healthy blackberries are, ‘totally organic’. Well … figs and brambles are weeds in Umbria, they grow everywhere!

The place is really nice, but the prices are extremely high. Another reason for us not to take it on. The other reason being that I would not happily send guests to this proud young man who hasn’t got a clue. We have all small scale farms where guests mostly deal with the owners themselves and not with this kind of (empty headed) sales force.

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