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Luxury rental Borgo Spoleto

Luxury holiday rental Borgo Spoleto

For years i have been renting out a wonderfull place near Spoleto. It is part of a village which is owned by an enterprising gentleman. He turned it all into a true paradise.
Today he sent us an email with a link to an article about a wedding (matrimonio) wich had taken place in his village. Nothing strange about that, a lot of people get married in Umbria. The thing is, this wedding was for VIPS. Even Kate Moss was there.
I’m not all up to date about who is who in showbizz so the other names didn’t really ring a bell.
The owner wrote in his email that he is always specially pleased with the guests we sent to his place. Turns out that the whole partying lot was drunk by noon and it took quite some elbow grease to clean the place up after the party was over!

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