L’Officina nice restaurant in Perugia centre

L'officina Perugia center restaurant

In need of some sustanance after an appointment in Perugia yesterday we wound up in restaurant l’Officina.  A visit some six months ago had already left us quite enthusiastic.

One thing we especially like about l’Officina is there fantastic wine list, well more of a book actually with a lot of wines from small artisan winemakers.  The owner surprised us with a wine wich wasn’t in his bible. But it is not nly the wine. The building itself is worth a visit to. They have kept a lot of the old details intact. L’officina, wich means workshop, used to be a place where they calibrated and repaired scales. You still can see most of the lovely old building, the wooden floor originates from the 1900’s!

The kitchen, led by a female chef, produces highly creative and very toothsome dishes all presented in their own pretty way. Service is friendly and there is a warm open atmosphere. The owner told us that if you are visiting (and call ahead) with a larger group they even might be able to make something special for you as they did for the table next to us who were served all kinds of splendid dishes. If you are looking for some action ask for one of the tables wich give you full view of the kitchen.

Another good thing is that the prices for what is offered are rather modest. Don’t fancy lunch or dinner? Why not pop in for a nice glass and some delicious little snacks?! You can find L’Officina in Borgo XX Giugno wich you will find at the end off Corso Cavour.

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