Made in Italy..?

Italy is number 1 design wise, well maybe yes, ok they are up there so to speak. And it is true you can enter unassuming shops and be more than pleasantly surprised what the owners have done with sometimes very little means.

Unfortunately it is not always like that! Take this for example … It is in Perugia. In the center of the city. Ugly colors, ugly pictures and not very nice stuff crammed into the machines. Most interesting is the name of all this, Brekky! Sounds more like a brand of dog food to me (actually, I believe it is dog or cat food). They are open 25 hours a day …

Don’t despair … 200 m from here you can get your fill of decent freshly made pizza (and lots of other foods!).

One response to “Made in Italy..?”

  1. Ahhhh. see the fall of a civilisation 😉 At least they left a phone number to call when you’re not feeling to well after eating loads of “Brekky’s”

    Oh. And I didn’t know there were 25 hours in each day in Italy.
    I think I’m going to settle there permanently. Each year I have 15 extra days to spend! 🙂

    Who is the person on the left btw?

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