Madrevite, wine experience

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The Madrevite winery

Madrevite, a winery and farm, was established in 2001 in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. It has an enchanting panoramic position overlooking Lake Chiusi and Lake Montepulciano.

The name Madrevite recalls the nut screw that was used by Umbrian winegrowers to close the wooden barrel doors. This object, restored and conserved by the winery, represents a strong link with the past and respect for traditions.

The cellar overlooks the vineyards and boasts a completely renovated fermentation and vinification room. It has steel tanks with a temperature control system, and two ageing rooms with small French oak barrels, barriques, where the wines will age for months before being ready for tasting.

Madrevite, wine experience

Wines from Madrevite winery

This is the birthplace of one of Umbria’s most distinctive grape varieties, Gamay, also called the black gold of Trasimeno. It has nothing to do with the Gamay cultivated in the Beaujolais region of France. It belongs to the Grenache family: Cannonau in Sardinia, Tai Rosso in Veneto, Garnacha in Spain or, indeed, Grenache in France. An indigenous vine from Lake Trasimeno, Gamay has found its ideal habitat here, and it is the one that best represents the winery, which presents it in three different versions.

Wines from Madrevite Cantina in Castiglione del Lago

La Bisbetica Rosé is a pink wine with a brilliant cherry colour. Aromas of flowers but also fruit such as grapefruit and raspberry.

Opra is bright ruby red in colour and the nose is rich in red flowers, cherries, sour cherries and spicy notes.

C’osa is a ruby red wine that has strawberry and morello cherry aromas on the nose but also has notes of underbrush and varietal spice.

Sunset at Madrevite Winery in Castiglione del Lago

Wine experience

Every weekend during the summer, the Cantina Madrevite offers the chance to enjoy a unique experience: wine at sunset in one of Umbria’s most spectacular settings. They call it PicNicco: bring a plaid and enjoy their wine at sunset. You may be lucky and enjoy a spectacular sunset like the one in the picture. There also are some food trucks and there is music. All in a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

To stay informed and reserve your place at a PicNicco event, visit their Facebook page.


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