Magic green Umbria

Clicking through all pictures on my camera I hit upon these.

I took them in December walking some lovely hills near my house. Now growing  a nice patch of grass is not an easy thing to do in Umbria so I was amazed when I hit the top of the hill. Everywhere I looked I saw luscious green grass, very well maintained and cut.

As soon as a big white dog started barking I knew the secret: Sheep.

Their droppings feed the grass and the grass feeds the sheep. The dog by the way is a Maremmano which are used for herding sheep. It is a great sight to see them move the sheep around the hill with some swift moves and loud barks often without a herder.

2 responses to “Magic green Umbria”

  1. Really nice pictures and We LOVE that dog! where did you take those?

  2. This is near Casa del Diavolo (just noth of Perugia).

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