Monte del Lago

On a Sunday morning I went for my Italian breakfast, cappuccino and cornetto, to Michele & Co. My favorite bar in Castiglione del Lago. From the outside you wouldn’t see that Michele & Co is a well known place where you can eat and drink. It even looks like an old garage (which it once was). But clearly the Umbrians (with their Ferrari’s) know this place! Every Sunday morning it is crowded by people and families who come to enjoy the home made pastries and a good coffee. P1070760

I continued my day visiting Monte del Lago, a lesser known hamlet right on the lake Trasimeno, surrounded by ancient walls. Local fishermen go to the lake to catch delicious fish: pike, carp, perch and eel. Entering the village passing underneath a medieval gate one of the locals immediately recognized the tourist in me and showed me the way to a short round walk in this cute little village.

The views over the lake from Monte del Lago are amazing. The village itself is nothing more then a group of antique houses, there are no bars or shops, but of you travel around the lake, don’t forget to stop here. You’ll be able to make some wonderful pictures: P1070761 P1070762 P1070765 P1070766 P1070770 P1070773 P1070774

2 responses to “Monte del Lago”

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely – the lake is so beautiful and it’s the perfect backdrop to the architecture.

  2. It is indeed a pleasure to live here 😉

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