My dog

my old dog

Looking closely, you will see a small dog peeping through the window. That is my dog. He is getting rather old, but he managed to silently climb the stairs of this house and finish the cat food on the first floor.

Rather normal, but my dog does not see very well and his hearing has mostly gone as well. His sense of smell however, is making him enjoy life fully, stealing all the delicious cat food.

In his younger years, my dog did not dare climb the open stairs up to the first floor. Not seeing well has helped in this case.

He also enjoys a nice run, heat or no heat. His forgets about his stiff legs and dances around me when I am changing into my running gear. Three minutes into the run he loses all his youthful energy and stays a bit behind but keeping a steady pace. Not bad at all!

Once back home he cools off with his belly on the floor, like this:


One response to “My dog”

  1. janinevasta says:

    He sounds like a very lucky fellow! Keep cool! xx

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