New national holiday in Italy

It took some time but it now is official, March 17 has been declared a national holiday in Italy celebrating the 150th anniversary of its unification. Some Italians are/were not so sure if this is a cause for celebration but there it is. Only this year.

Now in Italy we have the so called ‘Ponti’, bridges. You see, having Thursday of and going back to work Friday, one day before the weekend is regarded as a bit naff so it is custom to create a long weekend. This 17th of March will not be cause for a ‘ponte’. Nonetheless you already see special offers for 3 or 4 day breaks for the ‘Ponte dell’Unita d’Italia’. These long weekends are what Italians relish and en masse they will head to sea, cities and mountains.

Not a bad idea … Italy is a beautiful country and you never see enough of it!

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