Olive picking time…..

The absence of new blog entries was due to some serious handwork, olive picking. Yes we are not completely computerized here, sometimes we have to take the saw to the tree, the shovel to the ground and the hand to the olives. We have been doing this for years but last year we decided we should up the quality of the oil we make. So quick picking, no crates in the sun and a high quality frantoio. In less than two days of fantastic t-shirt weather (why do tourists only come in summer??) we picked 417kg of good quality olives. So and now for a glass of wine……

2 responses to “Olive picking time…..”

  1. Natalie says:

    Saluti! I tried to pick on Tuesday in Pienza and got rained out 🙁 Enjoy the great weather and the new oil!

  2. willemijn says:

    Thanks! We actually picked last week already, but then did not write about it until just now!
    Hope you can continue picking soon.

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