Parco regionale di Colfiorito

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On the border of the regions of Umbria and Le Marche, there is a nature reserve that is more than worth a visit: the Parco Regionale di Colfiorito. We start in Foligno, a pleasant town located on the river Topino, where for once you don’t have to climb up steep streets. From Foligno follow the signs to Parco Colfiorito.

Parco regionale di Colfiorito

Stopover: Abbazia di Santa Croce

Along the way, you can find peace and quiet at the Abbazia di Santa Croce in Sassovivo. This Benedictine abbey is 7 km from Foligno and is located in a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by woods of holm oaks and ancient olive trees. The abbey was founded in the second half of the 11th century on the remains of an existing monastery. After a period of neglect, the abbey was rebuilt around 1970, and ever since this special place has been home to the Congregation of the Little Brothers of the Jesus Caritas Community of Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916).

Abbazia di Santa Croce in Sassovivo

The complex includes a church, in which fragments of 15th-century frescoes have been preserved, the crypt of San Marone (a Syro-Babylonian hermit who lived in the 4th century), the Loggia del Paradiso with fragments of frescoes that were probably painted by Giovanni di Corraduccio and the beautiful Romanesque cloister by the Roman master Pietro de Maria. In the monastery garden, you can enjoy the peace, the flowers, and the panoramic view.

Do you feel like visiting even more quiet spots in Le Marche and Umbria? Consult this website: We have already visited the Abbazia di Montecorona near Umbertide.

Abbazia di Santa Croce in Sassovivo


We continue our journey to Colfiorito. You can leave the car in the parking lot near the Tourist Office (via della Rinascita, 06030 Colfiorito di Foligno). All year round, they provide extensive information about hiking and mountain biking trails between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
The Parco di Colfiorito is a treasure trove of biodiversity, where ancient agricultural activities and nature go hand in hand. The area is characterized by broad plateaus and gentle slopes in which wetlands, forests, meadows, and cultivated fields alternate.

The Palude (swamp) di Colfiorito is currently the only area of the plateaus where water remains all year round, a reference point for a large number of birds that nest, breed, and feed among the reeds. Therefore, in 1995, the Umbria Region decided to protect the area by turning it into a Regional Park. The park is not only popular with hikers and mountain bikers but also with nature photography enthusiasts and birdwatchers. There are many picnic benches around the Palude where you can relax in the shade in the summer.

A short but beautiful walk is no. 308. It starts at the Tourist Office, is well-signposted, and returns via the centro storico of Colfiorito.

Wandelen in het Parco di Colfiorito

Regional products and restaurant

Like many towns in Umbria, Colfiorito also has its own gastronomic products: le patate rosse (red potatoes), which are extremely suitable for preparing gnocchi, and farro (spelt), a grain that you can use in salads. An extensive choice of regional products can be found at Nonna Balè in Via Casermette, Colfiorito.

Would you rather taste the regional products in a restaurant? Then S’Osteria al Fontaline in Via Adriatica 176, Colfiorito, is recommended.


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