Party on the other hill

Saturday was party day this week. The son of a friend had been baptized and in large parts of Italy that is a reason, not the only one mind you, for a party.

They expected around 300 people. So a pig was slaughtered as were some lambs. There was an enormous amount of food. Table on table not to mention 4 BBQ’s being put through their paces.

After having gorged on pre and main courses we were greeted by 9 different sorts of cake accompanied by spumante.  Then…more cake, an enormous one measuring 1,5 meters by 80 centimeters. Then fruit on sticks followed by the most potent portable headache in the world, 5 litres of local Grappa. Local meaning made in the house.

Oh there was a band too, great name they got ‘I Meglio di Niente’ which translates like ‘Better something than none at all’. Before they kicked off they already shortcircuited the power supply 4 times……grande! Then at once the sky was light up by a quite splendid fireworks show from the local fireworks specialist, bravo.

When we were about to leave we were stopped, ‘sorry can’t leave without a  stinta’ (or something like that), which is one for the road, so off we were to the bar and slammed down some beers. It looked like this would go on for a while but luckily for us the Italians threw in the towel in no time.  Accompanied by the band still singing hopelessly out of tune, we climbed back to the top of our mountain.

Great party!

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