Perugia before Christmas

This afternoon I was in the centre of Perugia. It turned out to be the first evening with the Christmas lights on, but that was not the reason I went to town.

Now I am not sure the following picture will be such excellent publicity, because we have been immersed in thick fog the whole day long. If you are thinking about visiting Umbria in the winter, keep in mind that higher up on a mountain, you would have enjoyed a lovely sunny day! Therefore, eventual tourists can keep in mind they can always go walk on the Monte Tezio or the Monte Subasio (is anyway a great thing to do when on holiday!).

I do not like fog. However, it does create a special atmosphere, a combination of something romantic and nostalgic. Needless to say, the Christmas lights made the nostalgic part of the combi take over.

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  1. Buon Natale in Perugia Italy: Nativity Scenes | Vino Con Vista Italy Travel Guides and Events says:

    […] Perugia before Christmas […]

  2. Catherine says:

    And driving in fog is even worse! Sometimes I miss the turn-off for my house, or if I am in the hills I feel like abandoning the car and walking home! It is so stressful.

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