Perugia in pictures

We have been working together with a quite large blog about Italy in the Netherlands, creating a Perugia City Walk to download. For our Dutch readers: this city walk can be downloaded for little money from the Ciaotutti website where they also published very interesting city walks of other cities in Italy.

If you are visiting Umbria in the future and would like to have more background of the beautiful things you see: contact the Guide in Umbria. They helped us making the Perugia walk and guide many tourists in Umbria. Their tours are really interesting and understandable for people of any age and experience.

For our English readers I collected some of the pictures I made during the preparation in a small video:

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One response to “Perugia in pictures”

  1. janinevasta says:

    Superb!!! Seems like yesterday. Those scenes are with me forever. But Perugia does that.

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