Perugia in the mist

An impression of Perugia this afternoon, foggy and cold.







– Post by Saskia van der Bolt –

7 responses to “Perugia in the mist”

  1. Stunning! You’ve turned the January “blahs” into something beautiful.

    • Thanks, though we are getting pretty fed up with all the mist, cold and damp weather 🙂 !

      • Lots of rain and fog is typical weather at this time of year here on the west coast of Canada, but this winter it has been unusually warm. It was 11 degrees Celsius this morning at 6 a.m. There have been strange weather patterns all across North America this year.

  2. Yes indeed, from the news here, we got the idea that you were all experiencing incredibly cold weather up there.

  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely photos – mysterious in the fog. The Northeast US has been up and down in temperature for 6 weeks. I am hoping the truly frigid weather is behind us! It still won’t be pleasant until April, when the crocus come up. (Although I am cheating a bit with this week with a trip to Florida to warm my bones!) 😉

  4. janinevasta says:

    I know these vignettes like the back of my hand…… Beautiful misty memories. Thank you!!!

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