Piano Grande, Norcia and Castelluccio

I went to the Truffle fest in Norcia last year. I’ll write some more about that later. First some pictures of the fantastic Monti Sibillini.

Met up with some friends from Perci in Norcia. We had a great time ‘snooping’ on all stands. You might not know this but snooping comes from the Dutch word ‘snoepen’ wich means eating nice things especially sweets and candy. I guess you can ‘snoop’ truffle, cheese, sausage and what you as well.

We had a great lunch in a very nice small restaurant. I’ll fill you in on the details of that¬† one later.
Every time I visit the Piano Grande it is different. This time it was a great white blanket of snow wich wellcomed me. After moving around in white surroundings for a while you start to see lots of colours strangely enough. Italians call this ‘sfumature’ wich means shade, nuance or tinge.¬† The pictures can’t wrap you in white but you get an idea what it’s like. Magic.

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