Rapi del Lago aka Camette

Not everyone may know this vegetable but it is getting more widely known and for good reasons. This member of the Brassica family is tasty, quick to prepare, not difficult to grow, quite cheap and with its high levels of Vitamine A, B, C, Calcium, potassium and fiber it is super healthy.
What we have here is the famous Broccoletti del Lago, the Lago being Lake Trasimeno. Some might say this vegetable is broccoli Raab or Broccoletti and they would be right. Here some call them Rapi del Lago, Camette and Pulezze. There are a lot of varieties and in Umbria they see this variety as a prodotto tipico, a product typical to Umbria.

Now these on the pictures I got from the market. We had them in our garden but they are so damn good (excusez les mots) that they have all gone already (and this time we can not blame the wild boar ..). What makes these special is that they grow them, from the second part of August on, on the sandy borders of the Trasimeno Lake which allegedly give them a delectable bitterish taste. They are also very tender and overall refined in contrast to some other varieties which makes them quick to cook and easy to devour. It also is quite a tough plant which makes it ideal for growing without pesticides.

To prepare just steam or boil them till tender, drain, put on a plate and add a good lug of oil (extra vergine). I mixed them up with some steamed potatoes and a vinaigrette of olive oil, vinegar and some lovely fishsauce from Cetara. If you don’t have last one use the vietnamese, it will do in a pinch.

If you have a garden make sure to grow some of these, they are great fun. Depending on the type you buy you can start harvesting after about two months. Don’t pull out the whole plant, just take of the main shoot and it will soon create new shoots for you to harvest. Should you not be able to eat all don’t worry they will turn into a lovely flowerbed!

How do you like the twig keeping the bundle together?

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