Real Trattoria.

Chomping on my last bit of lunch, …telephone! Amai….. ‘We are going to a good restaurant this evening, wanna come?’ Urmmm, chomp, chomp.. yes! We hadn’t seen these friends/food and wine buffs for a while and it is always great fun so who would say no?

We ended up in a place called ‘La Trattoria’ more precise, ‘La Trattoria in via delle Vene n.7’ in Fonti del Clitunno. How is that for a name?
A table for six had been set, very romantic atmosphere. Having just sat down and goggled at the wines our friends had brought, plop, plop, rain! We quickly moved the table a bit further under the cover and enjoyed the smell of fresh rain falling on the hot pavement and flowering jasmin. With the rain providing the background music we feasted on fantastic wines and great food. It went in our favorites book and we’ll surely come back.
They don’t have a website so enjoy their biglietto da visita. They are closed on Sunday evening and Monday. Sunday afternoon is for lunch.

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