Restaurant Castelluccio

Castagnolle at Dal Capitano Castelluccio

Castagnolle at Dal Capitano Castelluccio

If you are planning to visit Castelluccio (and it will be worth the trouble) try to get a table in Dal Capitano. Dal Capitano is not a place of gastronomic pilgrimage but it serves local dishes, well prepared, simple but with real tastes. It is a very down to earth place with a cozy warm atmosphere and if the weather allows you’ll be able to take in your nourishment outside while enjoying your view of the Piano Grande.
The service is deft and carried out by what looks to be one family. The second part of our meal was brought by a very young enthusiastic boy who made his way around the table at freightening speeds yet managed to put every plate in front of the right person.
After we had gorged ourselves on fritatta, lamb chops, greens and mushrooms the young fellow proudly presented us with a plate of ‘castagnolle’ a treat eaten during carnaval. ‘On the house’ he said smiling.
You’ll find the restaurant on your right hand as soon as you enter Castellucio from the Piano Grande side, Via del Pian Grande.

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