Restaurant La Stalla near Assisi

Simple, efficient and since many years unchanged … restaurant La Stalla very close to Assisi.

You sit at long tables, the benches are not exactly comfortable, but this place is certainly not meant to linger. The food is good, service very fast and the prices are low.

The heart of La Stalla is a big fire place where the meat is roasted and the typically Umbrian torta al testo is prepared. No need to say the lively fire gives a wonderful atmosphere, a bit like going back in the ages (at least what one would imagine this to be like).

Walking to Assisi takes about 15 minutes, so it is an ideal place to combine with a visit to Assisi (and who visits Umbria without seeing Assisi?).

You get here by driving to Assisi and keep following for Gualdo. At a certain point there is a sharp curve to the left and on the right you see signs for many things, amongst which a campsite. Take this road to the right and follow up hill. Just before a small arch you will find the signs for La Stalla to the right.

I was told that in summer La Stalla does not have service at the tables. It works more like a permanent ‘sagra’ (village feast) where you take a number, order what you would like to eat and when it is your turn you collect it. Have never been, but maybe this summer I will try and report back!

restaurant assisi La Stalla

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  1. Bob Readinger Jr says:

    Thanks for the write up. Going in October and can not wait to check this out. Thank you for your effort.

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