Restaurant Osteria Macoma Perugia

Olmo is is kind of suburb of Perugia. It is along the high way between Perugia and Lake Trasimeno. In Olmo you can find a big Pam supermarket and just above this you will find this lovely restaurant. A real small family run business. The mother and brother are in the kitchen while the two sisters serve the tables.

The furnishing is modern with artistic and alternative items on the walls. There is a black board with something interesting written on it, glancing on the facebook page the things written are usually the type of life lessons that keep you thinking a little and feeling good a lot! One example: “La brutta notizia è che il tempo vola. La buona è che il pilota sei tu!” (The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot!).

In summer you can enjoy your meal from the garden. I have taken two pictures of the garden from the facebook page so you can have a look. It really is lovely. However, it will not be surrounded by idyllic silence because the high way is running through the same valley. However, not immediately attached to the restaurant! Now … back to what one come to a restaurant for! The food.

The food is excellent, obviously because if I did not like it, I would not have made a blog post about it (for those who follow this blog regularly, I do not like to give negative publicity so if I do not like a place, and there are really many!!!, I simply do not mention it). The menu has great variety yet is not very long. The lighter choices (calorie wise) are indicated with an * which might help those of us who love eating outside, but hate putting on weight. The menu also has some choices you do not encounter traditionally in Umbria, very refreshing indeed!

The two sisters are very kind and lovely, really making an effort to provide excellent personal service. It is also centrally located …

Osteria Macoma – Strada Fontana La Trinità – Olmo PG

Tel +390755181053 or mobile +39 334 702 3936




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    Grazie del consiglio!!! 🙂

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