Restaurant Perugia

Yesterday we wanted to go out for dinner. What a luxury to be able to decide at six o’clock you fancy a nice dinner and at eighth you find yourself in a nice comforting space drinking some delicious wine.
Well yesterday was our lucky day. I had phoned two restaurants wich were fully booked. I dug into my restaurant archive and found a business card of a place i had visited a long time ago,  After I had a look on the winelist on their website, this Ristorante turned out to be something of a rather different proposition.
The food and service were good and the winelist is a delight one can only hope to find. The owner/sommelier said he knew a lot of the producers personally wich we didn’t doubt for a second. Even the homemade sourdough bread was toothsome, not always the case and in our region regrettably a rare find.
At a certain moment the owner brouht us a glass with a different wine, were we able to tell him what it was? We put ourselves to the task, Piemonte for sure, but the grape. Wrong!
Have to do some more blindtasting!

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